AGM Combined Service - Luke 14: 15-24

Combined service 3/3/2019 – 聯合崇拜講道

Bible passage 經文:Luke 路加福音 14:15 – 24
Speaker 講員:Rev. Brian Tung 董宏瀚主任牧師

一. 好士圍聖公會的使命 The Mission of St. George’s Hurstville
二. 宴會和客人 The banquet and its guests
三. 還有坐位 There is still room
四. 使命及異象 Mission and Vision

門徒小組分享與討論問題 D-group Questions:
1. 好士圍聖公會的使命和異象是什麼? What is the mission and vision of St. George’s Hurstville?
2. 這個比喻的主要意思是什麼? What is this parable mean for us?
3. 通常在比喻中有一個轉捩點或惊喜。這個比喻的轉捩點在哪裡?Usually there is a pivotal point in the parable, what is the pivotal point here?
4. 那些被上帝邀請參加祂的宴會的人卻在找借口,他們是誰呢?Those who were invited by God rejects the invitation with excuses, who are they?

Erwin Candrawigunadi